about me

I grew up in a small town (800 population) in northern Minnesota and moved to a slightly larger town (3,000 population). This town is in the Superior National Forest and in the center of the “100 Mile Swamp”. Both towns were mining towns and I was fortunate to attend a local 2-year college, then the University of Minnesota where I got my Engineering Degree. The day after I graduated, I left for Europe for 8-weeks, hitchhiking from Luxembourg to Istanbul and back. This instilled in me the love of espresso, travel, and Italy.

My first engineering position was with Boeing in Seattle. My career evolved to working at smaller and smaller companies down to a small startup company. After that I contracted at local small companies and finally a very long stretch contracting at Microsoft. While at Microsoft I experienced 25+ business trips to China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. I would extend each business trip a few days and visit new sites each trip.

Today I’m very happily retired and fortunate to travel overseas for pleasure and to winter in Hawaii. When I’m in Seattle, I attend classes at Seattle Central College to keep my brain active and to have social interactions.

I am active in several organizations involved with genealogy and Italian culture, maintain a home LAN, play on-line games, enjoy theatre, and spend time with friends.

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