Rome 190530-Thu


Due to severe jet lag, we started late in the morning. We had a sit down breakfast at a restaurant, literally 10 feet from our vacation rental. It was a great start for the day. After brunch, I had a long nap and it was almost time for dinner. After dinner we took a short pasegiatta to the Castle Santa Angela bridge over the Tiber River. The evening went fast. It is cool, overcast with short bouts of rain in Rome. The locals are not happy. Except for the rain threats, we are enjoying the 70 degree weather instead of the normal mid-80’s and hot sun. 🙂


passeggiata (Wiki) f plural passeggiate

  1. walk, stroll, promenade act
    Synonym: camminata
    Facciamo una piccola – Let’s take a little walk
  2. public walk, promenade (place)
    Synonyms: corso, passeggio
  3. colloquial: easy activity, piece_of_cake, doddle, picnic
    Synonyms: cavolata, gioco, sciocchezza
    non sarà una passeggiata ― it won’t be a picnic!

Coromandel Restaurant for Breakfast

Ristochicco Restaurant for Dinner

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