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Rome 190605-Wed


We started our touring at the sister museum of the Palazzo Bernini, the Palazzo Corsini. It wasn’t as grand or contained as many famous paintings. Palazzo Corsini displays the paintings in Gallery Style, e.g. cover every inch of the wall with paintings. This means we could sit in one location and view a lot of paintings at a time. Great for when you are tired.

Lunch was a thin crust pizza, Rome style, at La Montecarlo. The previous ‘best pizza in Rome’ was Da Baffetto’s.  Time has taken it’s toll and, although it still has long lines, it no longer is best pizza in Rome. La Montecarlo is a classic pizza and approved by my Italian cousins in Rome.

It sounds like all we did was eat, but we had dinner reservations at Armando al Pantheon. It an old family run, very popular restaurant that requires reservations. We sat at a tiny 2-person table close to an American lady. We struck a conversation. Turns out she spends 3-months a year in Rome. Her husband prefers to take travels by motorcycle; not her preference. The owner of the restaurant and staff all knew her. She was leaving Rome in a week and the owner booked one last dinner  in the restaurant before she left. What a great last night in Rome; good food & wine, good company, pleasant passeggiata in central Rome.


Montecarlo Pizzeria

Armondo al Pantheon


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  1. Carol Tokarczyk

    We were in Tuscany last October. These pictures of the tiny alleys and cycles brought back memories. I would go back in a heart beat, except for the long plane ride. Thank you, Steve. Carol Balder Tokarczyk

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