Malta 190616-Sun


We transferred back to Malta today. We drove from Xlendi, Gozo to St. Paul’s Bay, Malta via the inter-island ferry. It was a pleasant drive and the GPS took us directly to the vacation rental. That’s when I had a bad experience. The short stories is we needed to park the car in the underground garage. I entered the condo building and took the elevator to the garage. When I exited the elevator I was in a completely dark room; the lights were out. Eventually I found a door to the parking area and entered. The door had a fumble lock and locked behind me. I searched four floors trying to find another way out of the garage.  Finally, someone entered the garage with their car. I flagged them down and they were kind enough to show me the exit. Marty drove the car into the garage and eventually we found our parking spot and the elevator. We both earned a rest and cooled off in the air conditioned condo.

We wanted something simple for dinner. The best pizza in St.Paul’s Bay is Made in Sud Pizza. The owners are from Naples and make the pizzas one at a time in their wood fired pizza oven. It was a steady stream of pizzas. On the walk back to the condo we purchased bottled water at a small shop. It was a long day and we deserved a good night’s rest.

Made In Sud Pizzeria

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