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Malta 190619-Wed


Today’s agenda is touring St. Paul’s Bay by foot and see where we end up. The elevator was not operating so we had to walk down four (4) full flights of stairs. The condo manager said the elevator should be functional by the end of the day. Turns out the elevator was functional when we returned, so we got to walk up four flights plus a bonus flight between floors 2 and 4. NOTE: European countries count floors differently that we do. Their First floor identification is one floor higher than the ground floor:
  • 4th Floor (4 flights up)
  • 3rd Floor (3 flights up)
  • 2nd Floor (2 flights up)
  • 1st Floor (1 flight up)
  • Ground Floor

We walked clockwise around the downtown starting with the nearby waterfront street. Along the way we stopped at the Dolman Hotel to see the Bugibba Temple near the hotel pool. It was a weird contrast. We also saw an oddly designed convent. I had to walk most of the way around the building to find an identification sign. As I mentioned earlier, houses all have names. We found one that stood out, named “Nashville Tennessee”. I wonder what the story is with its name.



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