Portugal – 191023 Lisbon


This was our last day in Lisbon. The 3+ weeks of touring has taken its tole. We needed a slow start. For breakfast, we gathered pastries from a local shop and made coffee in the hotel room. Then we checked-in with British Airways for our return flights to Seattle. Marty didn’t get boarding pass for the  LHR-SEA link. We discovered later is was because she had been picked for a special security check at the LHR gate. I’m the one who usually gets the special security check. We limited our touring to only one museum – Casa Museu Medeiros e Almeida.


 Casa Museum Medeiros E Almeida (Rough Guide)

The Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida , set in the former home of art collector and industrialist António Medeiros e Almeida (1895–1986), gives you a real taste of the opulence of this district of Lisbon in the nineteenth century. Parts of the house have been kept as they were when he lived here, while other rooms display his priceless collection of works, including 2000-year-old chinese porcelain, an important collection of sixteenth- to nineteenth-century watches, and dazzling English and Portuguese silverware. There are sumptuous eighteenth-century azulejos in the Sala de Lago, a room also filled with bubbling decorative fountains.

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